March 03, 2013

Jeem's Used Car Emporium

From my perspective, most of the cars I see, as they narrowly miss me as I cross the street, are relatively new. There aren't all that many older models. I don't know the actual figures; it's my observation.

However. Automobile production is important to nation states. It is a key driver of employment and economies around the world. Canada produces over two million vehicles a year, most destined for the US market, and increasingly more are being made in Canada by Japanese companies, Toyota and Honda in particular.

Argentina has European flare in its lifestyle. The late night dining is Italian and Spanish, and the coffee culture is clearly Italian and French. That European influence is obvious in the country's auto trade as well.

Last year the number one selling brand in Argentina was Volkswagen with 20% of the Argentine market. This includes the VW badge of SEAT, something we don't see in Canada.

The number two auto seller in Argentina was Chevrolet with almost 16% of total sales. Mainly small cars of course; nothing American looking here. A favourite of taxi drivers for reasons unclear to anyone.

The Renault-Nissan alliance sold 14.7% of all cars in the country, and few indeed are from the Nissan side of the partnership.

Peugeot-Citroen was in the number four spot with 13.3% of the market. Sharp looking cars of course; they are French designs after all.

Ford sold 12.1% of all cars sold in Argentina in 2012, followed by Fiat with almost 10% (including the Chrysler line, which accounts for next to nothing in Argentina).

Toyota held only 5.4% of the market and Honda was a minor player at less than 2%. All the other automakers accounted for less than one per cent shares, though it is interesting to see the Chinese brand Chery making inroads in this market.

Most of the above companies, especially the European concerns, make cars here in Argentina. In fact, last year, Argentina produced almost one million vehicles. Most were exported to Brasil, some to Europe and the balance was sold here.

As for me. Now that I am fluent in Argentina's version of Spanish (another story altogether) I have decided to go into the Used Car business.  There are a few wonderful bargains to be found, and I think... with a little wax and duct tape, I can sell these things. Make some money. Make people happy. Maybe. How about:  Jeem's Used Car Emporium ~ If you can mark an X, you can drive away in your very own car!

One owner. Driven only on Sundays. And one or two other days.

Offers are coming in.  Don't delay. This is a great opportunity. For you!

Test drive? Hmmmm.... Let me get back to you on that.

Make me an offer! Bank Financing available!

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  1. Hmm, those cars look way better and seem to be of a better quality than the "stuff" (to put it nicely) that you sell in your bookstore... ;)


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