March 20, 2013

Our favourite coffee shop ~ Esquina Sinclair

At the corner of our street is a coffee shop. For some reason it doesn't have a sign, nor much of any indication that it is a coffee shop. But this cafe is a favourite for many of our neighbours, and for us too.

Its corner location is also a drop-off for garbage from all the apartments in the area. Garbage in Buenos Aires is another topic altogether, but as you can see, garbage is already collecting.

On our very first morning in Buenos Aires we went to Esquina Sinclair for coffee. It became an almost daily ritual. Fresh facturas, great coffee, friendly smiles. It was our place. Cafe solo for me, cafe macchiato for Sherry, y dos medialunas por favor.

When we first started going to our coffee shop, the weather was hot; ideally we found seating outside and in the shade. By the time we were getting ready to leave BA, autumn had arrived and sadly, on our last day we moved inside for our last cafe in Buenos Aires.

Tamara and Johanna were with us when we stumbled through our first ordering process, now famous by the line I ended up using, "Why don't you just bring us what you want to bring us." We improved over time and our friends at Esquina Sinclair were always gracious.

Great coffee. Great people.

We will miss our coffee shop.


  1. Tamara and JohannaApril 03, 2013

    Hello!!! i´m so glad that you wrote about us!! it was a very good expierence for us too because you are very nice and friendly people so its impossible not to miss you :)
    its awsome to see that beyond the language we could tramsmit you what we real feel, friendly feelings and the wish inside us for you to have a good experience in our country. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to know you and share nice moments with you.
    We hope you return to buenos aires, we´ll be waiting with a hot black coffee and machiatto of course!
    God bless you!

    Tamara and Johanna

    1. Muchas gracias Tamara y Johanna por sus amables comentarios. Esperamos que su son seguros. Te echo de menos. Paz y saludos!

      Jim y Sherry


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