March 14, 2013

Mendoza Wineries ~ Bodega La Azul

Bodega La Azul is a radical departure from O. Fournier. Gone are the massive buildings and the huge property. Gone too is the space port roof. Like O. Fournier, this winery is family owned but in this case by Argentinos.

This is a small operation without the buildings, property and security. There is a delightful cafe that serves vegetables and fruits from its own garden. Simple, rustic and almost pure feeling, this winery is relatively new, beginning only ten years ago in 2003.

There is a laid back, old world charm to La Azul that is quite appealing. Hobbled together, one can only imagine the struggle to get it started, and to keep it going.

The tastings are simple affairs without fancy art on the walls of the building. And the tasting is done in the same place as is the entire wine making operation; the barrels, stainless steel vats, everything.

Here Sherry gets a sample of some wine, still in the barrel and it is delicious.

Visit this winery at bodegalaazul.com

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