March 05, 2018

Jeem plows snow at VanDusen Garden

Freshly cleaned walkway - by Jeem.

In a cost-saving move the Park Board, and VanDusen Garden, decided to let volunteers help with snow removal during the recent winter storm. Typically volunteers are somewhat qualified, though limited training was provided.

Here comes Jeem now!

In Jeem's case, and against the better judgment of his lawyer B.T. Mendlebaum (disbarred), this was a great opportunity: to operate moderately heavy machinery at a high rate of speed, in a slightly reckless fashion, and ... to have fun while doing a great service to the community.


Great work Jeem!

Racing around clearing snow off the walkways was easy enough, and Jeem was cheered on by an adoring VanDusen staff. Plowing through flower beds, and creating an entirely new path through the fern garden, was greeted by a chorus of "No Jeem!"

For reasons unclear, Jeem persisted his folly.

In the end, after some confusion and an incident involving the new "bird garden", the police were called. A few days later Jeem appeared before a judge. Thanks to fine representation from his lawyer and friend, B.T. Mendlebaum (disbarred), Jeem was given a sentence of twenty-one hours of community service, which, if the stars align, might even include snow removal for the Park Board!

This post is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend Valerie who passed away last summer. Valerie always believed in Jeem, no matter the problems he created for himself.  For that, and so much more, we miss her.

Photos by Jeem, except for "Here comes Jeem now!" by Sherry MacDonald.  Copyright 2018 by Jim Murray.

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