March 27, 2013

A final walk through el Rosedal

It was our final day in Buenos Aires and a beautiful autumn day indeed with a morning temperature approaching twenty and, as usual in BA, a clear sky. It was a great day for a walk through our favourite park.

The park is relatively quiet now. Summer is over and portenos are back to work and the kids are in school. The dog walkers are still busy of course, and one can hear the voices of tourists from Brasil and Chile, though less often than before.

This is a large urban park system covering many hectares and it's right in our neighbourhood. Since we arrived in January, it became a wonderful place to stroll in the evenings as the sun went down and the air cooled, or to take an early morning walk before the heat of the day.

The park changed with the season. The colours are different now, as are the floral scents. Jardin de Rosedal is still beautiful and we always spend time in this part of the park.

Rosedal is a relaxing oasis in this busy city, and though I have been tempted, I never climbing the tree.

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