August 07, 2016

Idabel Lake's magic

After Jeem stumbled around TRU in Kamloops, becoming more politically activated with every speech he heard, and Sherry served as a calm and generous volunteer at the same event, they headed to the serenity of Idabel Lake. To reflect and relax.

We had been introduced to Idabel a few years earlier, and fell in love with the place. It's about a 40 minute drive south of Kelowna, and lacks adequate cell phone coverage. Not that we have cell phones mind you, but it's nice to know we'd be incommunicado if we did have the contraptions.

There is lodge accommodation at Idabel, along with a number of similarly shaped cabins available too; up a steep hill which can only be exited by driving in reverse. Jeem felt bad at first, but apparently everyone hits the tree at the bottom of the hill. Or another vehicle. But let's not go down that road, even though it is the only way out.

Our cabin was a self-contained utopia of sorts: two decks overlooking the lake, a hot tub, a gas barbecue, the usual amenities, and an old television from the last century with a VCR and an odd collection of movies! The TV was never turned on during our all-too-short sojourn.

We were awakened every morning by the call of a loon; its plaintive cry heard all round the lake. In the afternoons the sun was hot and the skies were never-ending. One night was full of the deep bass notes of thunder and the skies illuminated with sheets and bolts of lightning. Other evenings featured the Milky Way, shooting stars and satellites of unknown origin.

The "resort" offers a variety of watercraft for the enjoyment of its guests. Personal Flotation Devices are recommend, as is mosquito repellent, and sunscreen, though Jeem would never fall for that nonsense. Hence the peeling nose and the endless scratching.

Of special interest to many who come here in the summer is the year-round ice rink located under the lodge. Some days were given over to curling, others to friendly hockey matches, and the remainder to skating around in circles while the Carpenters, Gilbert O'Sullivan and the Captain and Tenille played on the PA system. It was refreshing to get out of the sun on those hot afternoons and cool off with a nice skate. The fact that the lake water is so horrendously cold, even in summer, helps the ice making process.

Still, the reason Jeem and Sherry are here, and all the other visitors too, is the lake. A few days at Idabel is relaxing in a way that is difficult to explain, though once you're here, it's unforgettable.

Photos by Jeem. 
Copyright 2016 by Jim Murray.

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