December 27, 2016

Christmas Eve on English Bay ~ and a television kiss

It's Christmas Eve and the city streets are quiet, and the air is cold and fresh.

We are downtown for the night, a sometimes annual Christmas gift to ourselves. The sea wall is empty, except for a few romantic souls and the usual dog walkers.

While admiring the giant tree lit with festive lights a lone camera operator from the local CTV channel came along and asked that we allow him to shoot the back of our heads for a better scene. Your faithful scribe, ever romantic, thought an even better shot would be the couple to steal a kiss.

"Oh my god, that was great! Can you do that again so I get it properly this time?" 

Later that night, after watching It's a Wonderful Life, enduring the CTV National News and then the Christmas Eve edition of the local station, there we were, for all of 2.5 seconds, closing off the newscast. With a kiss. 

Photos by Jeem. Copyright 2016 by Jim Murray.

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