March 04, 2013

Dengue Fever

Throughout Argentina signs and posters are prominently featured on street corners, in Subte stations and at bus stops. Radio and television spots also remind people of the need to restrict exposure to a problem that increases in Argentina with each year: Dengue Fever.

Dengue is a problem that began only in the 1950s and has grown since. It is a virus spread mainly by several species of the Aedes mosquitoes. While millions worldwide are infected every year, about 20 000 humans die as a result of infection.

There is no vaccine,
so prevention is carried out by reducing the habitat and number of mosquitoes, and by limiting exposure to bites. Proper treatment once infected is important.

We have noticed mosquitoes since arriving in BA two months ago; mainly in the evening hours. I seem particularly suited to attracting bites. So far, no symptoms.

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  1. Hi Jim, here Dirk from the Spanish course in BA. I was bitten twice during the night. Saw also some warnings for Dengue. So far, neither have I symptoms. I'd like to sent you a picture (or two?) but how? Regards!


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