March 13, 2013

Tommy - Deaf, dumb and blind dog

Actually, Tommy is not deaf, dumb and blind. Well to be clear, he might be a bit blind in one eye, and he seems to be a bit hard of hearing, or maybe he just doesn't understand English. He is most certainly not dumb; he does bark at his own shadow now and then.

Tommy appeared one day at Posada Cavieres and hasn't left. Like his people, Hans and Alina, he greets each new guest as they arrive. In Tommy's case he comes to see them each time his guests return from an outing with much barking and nuzzling but no jumping or weirdness. You know what I mean.

He took to sleeping outside our door at night. One morning I opened the door, or tried to open it, only to wake him up with the hard thump of the door. Sorry about that.

On another occasion, during a late night thunderstorm, he pushed open the screen door to our room with his nose, came in and flopped down at the foot of our bed, went into a sound sleep complete with snoring.

Here Jeem and Tommy compare notes on the best position to attract a good tummy scratching.

He might need a little work. Jeem that is.

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