January 07, 2013

Musical Ride

Our street, Sinclair y Segui, is relatively narrow and quiet. It is tree lined and parking is only allowed on one side of the street. There are many apartment buildings in the area. And everyday  towards evening, a horse drawn carriage makes an appearance through the neighbourhood.

As it approaches from a distance one can hear an amazingly beautiful sound of music of some sort. At first, before seeing the carriage, I imagined a new version of the Hare Krishna group; a kinder, gentler and much slower version. There is rhythm and back beat too. It's delightful.

The music is made by the soothing sound of bells and cymbals bouncing to the motion of the carriage, and the clip-clop of the horse's hoofs on the pavement. It is quite beautiful and seems to lower the temperature of the street, if only for a brief moment or two. 

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