January 06, 2013

Look up. Look way up.

The  local version of the popular hop on and off type tourist buses, is the BA Bus and it offers a long and winding road of what seems like going around in circles for too much of the three hour journey. And the commentary on the headphones sticks to the facts, nothing but the facts and never offers any insight into what a person might be seeing.

At Plaza de Mayo, an area at the centre of serious political activity through the years, the Madres de Plaza de Mayo are not mentioned on the bus commentary while at a site commemorating the deaths of the Argentinians who were killed during the Malvinas War, the event is termed The Falklands War. Those two things, and others, didn't quite make sense in the setting. Still the bus trip is simple enough and worth it if only to sit back and look up at the amazing skyline that is Buenos Aires. 

And there is the traffic. There is much less horn honking than I expected, however the degree to which drivers will attempt to drive between, through and around pedestrians is quite amazing.

There is a strong European influence in design in this city and there is much new building taking place, especially along the waterfront, of a more 21st Century nature.