January 03, 2013

Arrival in Buenos Aires

Two weeks ago we were walking around Dawson City, Yukon, in minus 45 degree temperatures. A day later we left minus 48 for nine days of Vancouver, with friends and family and Christmas.
On January 1st we left on a long flight to Buenos Aires where we will be spending almost three months. We have just spent three months north of 60 in a community 
with a winter population of 1200. We watched the first snow come to Dawson and the sun disappear. Buenos Aires is different.
                                                        This is a city approaching 13 million in population. It hums with an urgency that goes all day, and all night. When we arrived it was cooler than what the locals would consider normal for January: 25 degrees (with a humidex of 30).The skies are clear, the air smells good. This is the height of summer in BA, and it will get much hotter.
Our apartment is in an area of Buenos Aires known as Palermo. 
It is a large area itself and divided into several districts. Our neighbourhood features narrow streets, many restaurants and what appears to be a generous mix of different classes. In our neighbourhood you won't find restaurant menus 
printed in Spanish and English.

Our apartment is on what Canadians would refer to as the 5th floor, though here we press 4 on the elevator (0 being the ground floor). It features a large balcony and is relatively quiet, with the normal sounds of a large city, however, here we awake to birds singing in the morning instead of the noise of leaf blowers.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         And so it begins. From minus 45 to plus 35 in less than two weeks. We have gone from layering our clothes to shedding as many as possible. It's a wonderful feeling. 

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