January 18, 2013

Buying postage stamps in Buenos Aires

Postage stamps. I know it sounds like something from the last century, but some people still send letters and post cards. Stamps are relatively easy to get in Canada. You walk into any one of various convenience stores, and a good many drug stores, and after standing in line for a while you have your postage stamps.

Here, in Argentina, the bureaucracy of the postal system is a bit more entrenched. I went into a variety of convenience type stores, often called kioskos, without success. It became apparent that a trip to the Post Office would be required. Finding a Post Office, a Correo,  took a bit of effort as they aren't as plentiful as farmacias or kioskos.


Having found a correo you enter and take a number. And you wait. For quite a while actually. There are many customer service stations, and only a few staff. This is beginning to sound familiar. Keep waiting.

Finally your number is displayed and you can make your way to the counter. This is where all your powers of speaking Spanish come into play. It helps to have your envelope or post card addressed to assist in the ultimate pointing that will be necessary. Having as many fingers as you need stamps is also helpful at this moment, though not entirely necessary. Yeah, right.

And finally. That wasn't so bad. Only took 45 minutes. Now if I just write small enough...

And as a footnote: the post cards never did make it to Canada or Australia. Maybe in 17 years.

Photos by Jeem. Copyright 2013 by Jim Murray.

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