January 11, 2013

The Subte

The metro or subway system in Buenos Aires is called the Subte. It is inexpensive. In fact a trip costs only 2.5 pesos, about 50 cents Canadian. It is fast, clean and easy to navigate, all things being relative of course. In truth it is those things and also: hot, crowded and only confusing if you don't know where you are going, and that never applies in our case of course.

Our nearest station is called Palermo, and it is also a major train station.

The Subte in BA has six lines, the first being built in 1913. The lines cover more than 60 km and connect with a light rail network called the PreMetro and an suburban rail system as well. Altogether the rail system covers nearly 900 km and carries over 700 million people every year.

"You might be standing a bit close there Jim. No really."

And after a leisurely and comfortable Subte ride downtown, with friendly conversationalists, it's time for a rewarding walk along a peaceful avenue. 

Then again... maybe a nice cold drink at a shady outdoor cafe. Maybe some agua mineral con mas gas. Yes, that sounds much better.

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