January 15, 2013

"Can I get you a taxi?"

A few nights ago we walked to Las Canitas, an area near our apartment. It is a small neighbourhood that is one of the current hot spots for portenos, with many restaurants, bars and clubs, all side by side along a few blocks. We enjoyed having a great meal at a parrilla, outdoors, at 10 pm, watching the people go by, on foot and by car. It was hectic, alive and charming.

Today we returned for some shopping and a late afternoon lunch. It was quiet and peaceful. The crowds of the night before were gone and the cafe and bar staff were only just beginning to get ready for the coming evening.

For lunch we stopped along the popular Baez strip. We had some ceviche, a Peruvian dish of raw fish cooked in lime juices. It is wonderfully tasty.

When we finished our meal, our friendly wait person asked where we were from, to which we answered, "Canada." I'm always happy to correct any impression we might be American. Our waiter smiled appreciatively and we then elaborated as best we could en espanol.

"We are from Vancouver. On the west side of Canada. On the Pacific. 
He smiled again. "Oh yes. Pacific. Yes. Yes. It is beautiful, no?
"Yes, it is, and so is Buenos Aires," we answered.
Our nice wait person came back with "Would you like a taxi?"
"To Canada?" we asked.
"Yes. To Pacifica in Canada."
"Ahhh.... No, that's okay. Hmmm... We will walk."
Sometimes it's just too difficult to explain.

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