July 23, 2013

Vancouver Coffee Shops ~ Part 6: VanDusen Gardens

A gem of a place, the coffee shop at VanDusen Gardens is actually Truffles, a company that specialises in event catering in Metro Vancouver. At the Gardens, the location is wonderful, and location is everything. What could be better on a sunny day than to sit outside in such a beautiful setting. Inside... it's a bit utilitarian.

The coffee is good, with all the basic espresso drinks available. Not quite the flavour of Viva Java, or the cool hipness of Elysian, the coffee at Truffles is fine. The service is great. The staff is actually delightful, courteous, helpful and attentive.

There are food items of course, and for a simple lunch of sandwich and soup, or afternoon tea, Truffles is a great place to spend time. And the gardens are okay too.

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