July 18, 2013

Lakeside Gardens Resort on Salt Spring Island ~ The gate and more...

Lakeside Gardens is a magical place. It is also a quirky place with a sense of humour. This is not a high tech resort. While wi-fi is available, the signal isn't always strong, which is as it should be: this is a place to get away from phones and tablets.

About twenty years ago, Deb and Mark Toole bought what was then primarily a campground.The campground is gone, cabanas have been been added, and as Mark says, they have "tweaked" things over the years. Many customers have been coming here each summer for years.

St Mary Lake is stocked with trout and bass and some people come for that reason alone. No power boats are allowed on the lake; paddles, oars, sails and small electric motors are the only form of propulsion on the lake. That and swimming.

Nearby are other "resorts" and the home of famous CBC Radio personality Randy Bachman, who always seems to be mowing his lawn (or perhaps that is someone else, one never knows with radio celebrities).

Mark shares a humorous moment with Sherry. Did I say something?

Lakeside Gardens has a website, but it's always best to phone or email for information and reservations. That personal touch is part of the charm of the place too.

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