July 28, 2013

Best Fish & Chips ~ Centennial Beach Cafe

Fish and chips cafes in Metro Vancouver are almost a common as sushi restaurants, and many offer their own variations on the traditional working class British fare. It is actually believed that deep fried fish was introduced to Britain in the 1600s CE by Jewish refugees from Portugal and Spain, and derived from pescado frito. The chips came later, probably sometime around the mid 1800s.

Without doubt the best fish and chips we've encountered this summer is found at the Centennial Beach Cafe . It's part of the wonderful beach park of the same name in Tsawwassen. The sky and beach seem to go on forever, and the fish and chips never disappoint.

In particular, the halibut is excellent.Thick and moist, with a light (almost slightly healthy) batter and not overcooked, this dish is first rate. Perhaps a little stingy on the cole slaw side, and I can't recommend any of the add-on salads, the fish and attending chips are highly recommended. Some of the other menu items are well worth a look too; the chowder looks great, and the views aren't too bad either.

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