September 03, 2017

The Purple Man and his sign

As crowds gathered for a large anti-racism/anti-fascism rally at Vancouver City Hall on August 19th, a young man walked around the block. Over and over again. He was the purple guy with a sign, and he continued to walk around the block until the crowd of 4000 made it almost impossible to continue his solitary march on the sidewalk.

He talked with no one that I could see. He walked quickly and seldom made eye contact. That in spite of the third eye on his forehead.

What was with the team shorts, and one sock black, the other white?

And what to make of the sign?

The answer, to the statement on the sign, is simply "no."

When it comes to fascism, there isn't any discussion. There is no need for polite debate. A civil society need not agree to anything of the kind. Fascists must not march in our streets. They must not be allowed to spew their hate and lies in public spaces.

The purple man was not inciting anyone, nor was his lonely march offensive. He was entirely peaceful.

But no, if it comes to it, fascists must be met with the full force of the state and all that it provides. Failing that, fascism must be confronted by the people themselves.

Photos by Jeem. Copyright 2017 by Jim Murray. 

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