September 25, 2017

Duchess' Bannock & Desserts in Alert Bay ~ fantastic!

Along the main drag, down from the ferry terminal, is a little spot that can't be missed on any trip to Alert Bay.

It's the Duchess' Bannock & Desserts place and it is amazing.

The Duchess is a real person and that's her name. Warm and friendly and creator of some of the finest bannock we've ever tasted.

Open everyday, except when Duchess decides to close of course, which happens in Alert Bay from time to time.

This place is a delight: homemade soups, amazing bannock dishes and .... a hot dog, with the necessary toppings, cooked within the bannock. While we didn't get to try this wonderful creation, all reports from the locals, would suggest this is something not to be missed. We did get to try the bannock and berries!

Photos by Jeem. Copyright 2017 by Jim Murray.

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