October 14, 2015

If you are considering voting Liberal on October 19th...

Polling suggests our federal election could be close, very close, and many Canadians are now giving consideration to voting Liberal as a way of unseating Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.


Consider for a moment the following:

  • Justin Trudeau and the Liberals support Bill C-51. Just like Stephen Harper.
  • The Liberals support Keystone XL and expansion of pipelines in Canada. Just like the Conservatives.
  • Justin Trudeau supports the Trans Pacific Partnership. Again, just like the Conservatives.

Ever since Confederation our country has elected only Conservative or Liberal governments. Often they've worked together to maintain the status quo as in the case of Bill C-51. If we keep repeating the past, when will we ever see real, progressive change in this country?

This election is still up for grabs and indicators are that BC could decide the next government. Change will happen. Real change will happen if we elect New Democrats.

Copyright 2015 by Jim Murray.

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