October 09, 2015

Bob Zimmer, Conservative MP, should withdraw. Now.

The incumbent MP for the Northern B.C. Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies riding, Bob Zimmer, made these comments at an all-candidates meeting in Fort St. John earlier this week.

"One of the major drivers of missing and murdered aboriginal women is the lack of economic activity, or simply put, the lack of a job. … Ultimately, when people have a job, they're not in despair. They can stay on reserve, and that's where we want them to be." 
And that's where we want them to be?

The Grand Chief and president of The Union of BC Indian Chiefs, Stewart Phillip, responded;
"Aboriginal women and communities were shocked, outraged and deeply offended by Mr. Zimmer's derogatory remarks towards women, Astonishingly, Mr. Zimmer's simplistic solution to one of Canada's most disgraceful and profound abuse of human rights issues, concerning missing and murdered aboriginal women and girls, is that aboriginal women should stay home, stay on the rez, and get a job."
Bob Zimmer should withdraw from his re-election campaign.

Tell Mr Zimmer what you think by calling his office at 250-787-2160 or by email to Bob.Zimmer@parl.gc.ca

Copyright 2015 by Jim Murray.

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