June 09, 2015

Salt Spring Island Coffee at Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal

We travel through Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal often on our way to Salt Spring Island and the magical place called Lakeside Gardens. It is a step or two above camping with a million dollar view.

On the way to our place on Salt Spring, we always have a coffee at the kiosk inside the ferry marketplace at, of course, Salt Spring Island Coffee. No Starbucks for us. While there is a Starbucks at the other end of the building, supporting local business is important to all of us.

The coffee kiosk is always a busy place. In fact, sometimes almost too busy and too crowded. Being located inside a ferry terminal tends to do that to a business; feast or famine, though at this terminal it's nearly always feast.

Through all our visits to this coffee shop over the past few years, the service has always been provided with a smile, in spite of the craziness of the place, and the coffee itself has always been first rate.

Served in a paper cup or in porcelain, as is our preference (the coffee tastes better), the espresso drinks are first rate. My espresso is rich and creamy. The only thing missing is a cup of water, which should accompany every espresso.

Salt Spring Island Coffee began, oddly enough, on Salt Spring Island. They still have their flagship coffee shop in the town-centre of Ganges, but the business and the roasting operations have moved to Richmond. The company began operations in 1996 with the idea of providing freshly roasted, organic coffee to the Island. They've since grown and their coffee products are now found across the country and on-line.

The company operates two stores, one in Ganges and this one at the ferry terminal, and both are worth the visit. Salt Spring Island Coffee is ethical, organic, fair-to-farmer, and locally owned and operated. Good reasons to visit and to enjoy the coffee.

Photos by Jeem. Copyright 2015 by Jim Murray.

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