June 23, 2015

Cedrick's Coffee & Tea House in Crofton

The plan was to have an early lunch at the lovely Seaside Restaurant before getting on the ferry to Crofton. We had spent a weekend on Salt Spring and were taking a different route home, via Nanaimo. As it turned out, we arrived just as the ferry was loading and we joined the parade and became the very last car to board. Twenty minutes later we were driving off the ferry and looking for a coffee shop. In Crofton. We found Cedrick's.

Cedrick's is an interesting place. The place has a look and feel that will be appealing to seniors and to moms with kids. There is ample seating, inside and out. a play area, WiFi, and a fireplace for colder days. This is not an urban coffee shop and the customers aren't all wearing cycling gear and yoga pants, though I'm sure Cedrick's would welcome them too.

The coffees are good and available in all the usual espresso machinations. There is a standard drip available as are a bunch of teas. Pastries and sandwiches are made in-house or by local bakers.

Cedrick's is unique in that it is charitable enterprise; it donates its profits to the work of KIDS International, a Vancouver Island charity. In 2000, a twenty-one year old named Danielle was killed by a drunk driver. Devastated with their loss, her parents, Adrianne Dartnall and Rick Lennart, went travelling each year thereafter to communities in the two-thirds world. They volunteered their time working to improve the lives of children living in poverty. In 2004, in response to others who wanted to be a part of the work they were doing, Dartnall and Lennart formed the non-profit Kids International Development Society. Last year KIDS International raised over $400,000 and much of that was spent on development projects in Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. Part of that effort came from the support of a coffee shop named Cedrick's.

So, next time you're in Crofton, or passing by, stop and find Cedrick's. Have a coffee and a homemade muffin. It might not seem like much, but it makes a world of difference.

Photos by Jeem. Copyright 2015 by Jim Murray.

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