June 30, 2015

Continental Coffee on Main

Continental Coffee has been around a long time. In fact it was one of the first coffee shop on Vancouver's famous Commercial Drive. Today, there's a second outlet at 26th and Main.

The business actually began in 1960 when Theo Grippo, an immigrant from Italy, opened an espresso bar on The Drive. Business was good but he closed it to concentrate on selling beans wholesale out of the garage from his home. His daughter brought back the retail operation in 1979 again on Commercial. Her sons have joined her in the business as has a grandson.

Continental's second shop along trendy Main opened at the end of 2012. It offers much the same blends as the Commercial Drive location, with the added offerings of small lot estate coffees. There's a small roaster in the Main Street location, and syphon coffees are available too.

Espresso drinks are served with sparkling water, and a spoon, as they should be of course. My espresso was strong with a nice burnt-nut flavouring.

Sherry's espresso macchiato was made properly with appropriate measures of milk and foam. It seems a simple enough drink to make and yet it's amazing how many places get it wrong.

All in all, there's great coffee at Continental, nicely presented and served with a smile.

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Photos by Jeem. Copyright 2015 by Jim Murray.

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