June 28, 2015

Daddy's Delight ~ a kebab palace in Richmond

Last week, for Father's Day, the daughters took us into east-Richmond for dinner. It's an area not really known for its restaurants and it's a part of the city that has retained much of what used to be a very multi-cultural Richmond; today the city boasts an ethnic-Chinese majority population and great Chinese dining abounds.

Here, on Richmond's eastern flank, at Cambie and 5 Road, we are very near the delightful multi-purpose King George Park.

And it is here we have come to our mealtime destination and something called Daddy's Delight. It's in a strip mall next door to a phone store, and a Halal store called Superior Halal Meat &Deli, which has a certain appeal as this is the beginning of Ramadan.

Daddy's Delight sign actually suggests pizza, but I'm not sure they even serve pizza. And it's certainly not much to look at from the outside. In fact without coming inside you would never know what a gem you have discovered.

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It's rather minimalist inside, bare basics. Slightly spartan, and spotlessly clean. A large poster of a 2006 national squad from Italy adorns one wall.

As it turns out, Daddy's Delight is a Persian kebab palace. House-made and grilled, coated with sumac and served with a wonderful yogurt sauce. The meat, either chicken or beef, is tangy and lemony. I expected to see lamb on the menu, but chicken and beef are the order of the day. Salads are crisp, fresh and appealing, though lacked the flavour punch I was expecting from an Iranian bistro.

Much of  Daddy's Delight business appears to be take-away, and with the large park nearby, it makes sense. Dining-in is a treat because you can see the care and attention they devote to the grilling of the meat and vegetables. The naan, is made fresh, as you wait for the mains.

Alas, no wine or beer will be served here (another reason for take-away to the park I'm wondering), though one must try the fermented yogurt drink called Doogh. This one is a salty concoction, made locally and sold throughout Canada by Almas. Not for everyone, Doogh is is an excellent accompaniment to the kebabs offered here.

Daddy's Delight is a gem for kebabs. It's one of those rare finds: clean, friendly, and filled with good tastes.

Photos by Jeem. Copyright 2015 by Jim Murray.

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