March 06, 2015

What colours do you see, and why is it so hard to see black and blue?

The Salvation Army (of all people) in South Africa has turned the what-colour-is-the-dress conversation into something else entirely. It is a brilliant ad campaign that might possibly eclipse the dumb question originally asked about what colours we see on the dress.

In Canada, Niki Ashton, Official Opposition Critic for Aboriginal Affairs, sent out an email today that included these facts:

More than half the women you see will experience violence at some point in their lives, and that shocking reality is three times more likely for Indigenous women.
There have been more than 1200 documented cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada over the last 30 years.
While thousands of Canadians have called on Stephen Harper to call a national inquiry into this tragedy, he has refused to act.

We need to ask why it's so hard for our Prime Minister to see black and blue, especially when it applies to Canada's First Nations.

What colours do you see?

Copyright 2015 by Jim Murray.

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