March 08, 2015

Great lunch spot ~ The Smokehouse Sandwich Co. in Richmond

One day last week my daughters picked me up at work for lunch. The three of us went to a place my daughters have been raving about for several months; a place where the owners know my daughters by name, which tells you something I suppose.

The Smokehouse Sandwich Co is located in a small strip mall on Westminster Hwy in Richmond. It is out of the way, off the beaten track, and if you are driving too fast, as far too many do in this city, you might miss it altogether, and that would be a shame.

Clean and airy, with a country-kitchen-look going on, this is a wonderful place for lunch. You can have anything you want as long as it is a sandwich: Beef, chicken, portobello mushroom, pulled pork and pork belly are the choices and judging by the plates that went by, all appear delicious.

This is a family-operated business. On the day we dined, June was on the front counter and her son Rico was making the sandwiches.

House-made potato crisps are available, with some wonderful sauces to add as you see fit. There are several house-made drinks for sale (tea or fruit concoctions), and complimentary spring water is provided.  A rarity, the Smokehouse Sandwich Co offers nothing in the way of soft drinks or bottled waters: a good thing.

When it came time to order I decided on a smoked beef sandwich called the Samson. I was then offered the choice of the regular size, which my daughters thought prudent, or the double-meat size, which I thought would be more appropriate for a lunch meal.

It turned out to be a rather large sandwich indeed. "Can you eat all that Dad?" What kind of question is that I wondered to myself. I didn't come here to look at it.

The sandwich was delicious.

I tired one of my daughter's chicken sandwiches and it too was highly agreeable.

It was a great luncheon. My companions were pleasant of course, the surroundings inviting, the service friendly, and the sandwiches simply wonderful. Being Coke and Pepsi -free is a bonus too. It could well be the best sandwich shop on this side of the Fraser River.

The place might be away from the city-centre, but the restaurant filled with repeat patrons as we ate. And in my case, ate and ate.

Photos by Jim Murray. Copyright 2015.

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