January 03, 2014

Chemtrails in Arizona?

For years I listened to a late night radio talk-show hosted by Art Bell. At its zenith, the Art Bell program, Coast to Coast AM, had more than ten million listeners across the Excited States and into Canada too. Impressive numbers for a program that aired after midnight throughout most of the continent. Art mined the paranormal, conspiracy theories, UFOs, time travel, and... chemtrails.

The chemtrail theory suggests that some of the trails left by jet aircraft are actually chemical or biological agents sprayed at high altitudes for purposes undisclosed to the public, and directed by the usual suspects, including the US government and its various agencies.

The theory further suggests the reasons for the chemtrails might be solar radiation management to help cool a warming planet, or psychological manipulation, human population control among other things. Judging by the callers to Art Bell's show, an increase in chemtrails in a region of the country, almost always brings an increase in respiratory illnesses and other problems, which could be almost anything when we're talking about mass mind control. It was always great entertainment.

Art Bell disappeared from the airwaves on a couple of occasions, which always provoked a theory or two, and I left its audience long ago, but driving up Interstate 17 the other day, I couldn't help but look at what began as a cloud-free blue sky and wonder... chemtrails or contrails? And have I suddenly developed a wheezing cough and sore throat?

Photos by Jim Murray.  Copyright 2014.

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