January 05, 2014

Who are these people?

Sometimes, at those scenic viewpoints along the highway, where people take photos of family and loved ones with a beautiful backdrop of mountains or lakes, your faithful scribe and photographer has offered to assist with the taking of the photo. This very thing happened along an Interstate in Arizona, where a family of Spanish speaking americanos, were trying to take a photo that would include everyone, and Jeem stepped in to help.

Initially the plan was to take a few photos of the nice family, with their cameras, and then, for fun, to take a photo of Sherry, the writer, with her new, extended americano family, with our camera. Jeem might have been a wee bit confused; it's a multitasking problem for men generally, and to be fair, there were at least two different cameras involved in the process.

So today, somewhere in the Excited States, and probably in Mexico too, someone is asking, "Who is that nice woman with the family?" or quite possibly, "For the first time in seven years we get the entire family together and ... who is that woman?"

Yes, Sherry is in all the photos on all the cameras.

And who is the guy with Sherry?

Group photo by Jim Murray.
Photo of the couple, by the female, 
back row, fourth from the right. 
Muchas gracias senorita.

Copyright 2014.

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