February 25, 2013

Searching for Sugar Man wins! ~ The Oscars Report

We watched the Academy Awards show last night. In Argentina it is not carried by one of the major channels, but by the cable channel TNTla (a Latin American version of the American TNT). We were able to watch it in English by switching the sound on the television to SAP.

Our long night began at 10:30pm with the opening monologue (Argentina is five hours ahead of Vancouver). As usual, the show was pretty much the usual; possibly even worse than usual. Attempts to get the all important younger demographic always seem to flounder, and this year's show was no exception. They aren't watching anyway, except perhaps to Adele's segment.

Irritatingly, the Americans have rewritten history yet again, this time with the telling of the Iranian hostage-taking incident, the Canadian Caper, and sealed that deal with last night's Best Picture win for Argo. In today's early reports, Ken Taylor, one of the true heroes of the story, says he is happy the film's director, Ben Affleck, mentioned Canada in his acceptance speech. Well, yeah, he did, along with nineteen other things all in the same half-breath, including Iran for some reason. The story is an amazing one, and Argo doesn't tell it honestly. See what former President Jimmy Carter says of the movie here:  Carter on Argo CNN

On a warm and fuzzy note, Searching for Sugar Man, the highly enjoyable South African documentary about finding that country's pop music idol from the early seventies, won as Best Documentary Feature. The film tells a great story; it's fun and entertaining.

You can view my earlier post about the movie, and the movie trailer, at
The Murray Chronicles - Sugarman

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