February 02, 2013

The writer at 47

Yesterday was a hot and humid day in BA. The temperature, with the humidity factored hit 47 degrees at 4 pm.

Which reminds us of days in the Yukon, not all that long ago, when on several occasions the temperature hit minus 48. In fact, on the day we left!

There is a comparison that can be made between the cold of Dawson City and the heat of Buenos Aires.

On the right is the Berton House Writer at 45.

Below is the writer at 47, coming out to the balcony ever so briefly from a nicely air conditioned apartment (Berton House South).

Now seriously, do you think she was smiling at 45?
Then again, it was a dry cold. Yeah, right.

You can view other photos of the dry cold by checking the Dawson City Journal 
link at the right, or by clicking on the following posts:

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