July 24, 2016

Finding your TRU self in Kamloops

Recently we spent time in Kamloops; Jeem attended a political conference and Sherry visited some wineries and coffee shops.

The landscape around Kamloops is stunningly attractive and the vistas from TRU were impressive, especially at sunrise. Apparently New Democrats start their business early.

TRU Residence Building

The conference was held on the campus of Thompson Rivers University and it's an impressive site. Residences, conference centre and a number of buildings housing various faculties and programs.

TRU began in 1970 as Cariboo College, wending its way through the changing politics of BC to discover itself a degree granting university in the 2000s.

TRU has over 25,000 students with almost 15,000 attending on-site. According to statistics Jeem found on the internet, the female to male ratio of students is 56/43, which doesn't quite add up, but that's a minor quibble to be sure. Aboriginal students make up over 10 percent of the student body, with another 10 percent defined as international, mainly from China, but also India and Saudi Arabia, among others.

TRU's grassy knoll. 

The campus makes for an interesting walkabout; there are interesting pathways between buildings and places to relax and reflect, and in the summertime heat of Kamloops, the university was quiet.

Except for the antics of 500 New Democrats.

Photos by Jeem. Copyright 2016 by Jim Murray.

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