August 15, 2016

A Playwright's reading... in Chilliwack

Recently we've made two trips down the Trans-Canada to Chilliwack. It's further away than it looks.

Sherry had a reading of one of her plays at the TheatreBC's annual Mainstage event in Chilliwack. One of her plays in progress had won an award, hence the reading.

The Chilliwack Cultural Centre is a large and impressive facility in a variety of ways. Jeem liked the piano.

The reading was an excellent opportunity to "hear" the words as spoken/performed by others, and your faithful correspondent was impressed by the reading and with the talk-back conversation with actors, audience members and the playwright that followed.

At times heated, the talk was indicative of the kind of reaction I suspect the play, when produced, will evoke.

Our second trip to Chilliwack took on a slightly gala turn, with awards and speeches of some description, and some toasting too. And another long drive home.

Sherry MacDonald's play, The Seduction Theory, will have its world premiere in Winnipeg this September at the nationally acclaimed FemFest by Sarasv├áti Productions. Winnipeg is a wee bit east of Chilliwack and not too far from the Murray family tree. Jeem will be in Winnipeg too, if he gets his passport renewed in time.

Photos by Jeem. Copyright 2016 by Jim Murray.

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