December 30, 2015

Sunwolf in Brackendale

Getting out of town at this busy time of year is always a treat. There's something about snow on the ground and fresh mountain air in your lungs to make one forget about the frenetic pace of the holidays in a city.

So, just before Christmas we found ourselves staying at the Sunwolf resort in Brackendale, about 13 km from Squamish.

On the banks of the Cheakamus and Cheekeye rivers, this is a year-round resort offering whitewater rafting, fishing and eagle-viewing float trips. Brackendale is the winter home for thousands of bald eagles and that's another reason for our stay at Sunwolf.

There were a number of rustic riverside cabins available, but we chose the Logger's Shack because it featured a wood-burning stove, which sounded fantastic on a cold winter's night.

Our bed was located in the loft. The loft provided almost no headroom at all. which was not unlike the loft in number seven at Lakeside Gardens! We understand this kind of place.

The ceiling did not allow one to stand up in the loft; crawling, or slouching into bed, was required. There was only one night table by the bed, with one light, which made reading in bed a wee bit difficult for two people. All that being said, the bed was comfortable and cozy.

When we arrived, the cabin was cool and we went to work building a fire in the small stove. Starting the fire was easy enough, getting it to stay lit, to provide heat, was more difficult. Jeem, regaling us with his experiences in the Paris demonstrations of 1968, suggested using the gasoline tanks we all noticed near the stand of firewood.

Once a proper fire was underway we were toasty-warm all night.

All in all, we had a relaxing and enjoyable stay in the Logger's Shack at Sunwolf. All the staff we met were attentive and friendly; they seem to like working here and our experience was positive indeed.

And... on our way home to Vancouver, we were able to pick up Jeem from the burn unit at the local hospital just in time for his appointment at the police station for further questioning.

Photos by Jeem. Copyright 2015 by Jim Murray.

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