May 22, 2015

Another orange wave?

Jeffrey Simpson writing in today's Globe and Mail asks, "Can a third orange wave splash across Canada?"

After what happened in Quebec in the last federal election and in Alberta's recent provincial election, it is a valid question and Simpson goes on to come up with the answer:

A lot of voters dislike the Harper Conservatives and will vote in a fury to rid the country of them. When voters passionately dislike someone, they will search for the best available means of change, assuming the alternative is marginally capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time.
NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair is more than capable of meeting the lowest tests of leadership. Maybe he’s not a touchy-feely kind of guy, but then neither is the Prime Minister...
Simpson makes note of the problem we face by voting Liberal in an effort to oust the Tories; the two parties really aren't much different:
The Liberals suggest that they will do some things differently – but not too many. They will be "nicer" in government than the Conservatives or, to use a frightful buzzword much favoured by the politically correct and linguistically challenged, more "inclusive."
On the issue of Justin Trudeau:
Then there is Mr. Trudeau himself, the question being: Will he wear well in the rough-and-tumble of sustained debate and constant media coverage?
A lot of voters want passionately to get rid of the Conservatives, but when they look at Mr. Trudeau they ask: Has he got what it takes? 
Can another orange wave come to Canada in five months? Simpson thinks, maybe yes:
The failure of the Conservatives to grow and the Liberals' failure to seem like the inevitable alternative give the NDP a chance for a surprise.

Quotes from The Globe and Mail, Friday 22 May 2015.
Jeffrey Simpson; Can a third orange wave splash across Canada?

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