November 12, 2014

The amazing Broken Shed Caesar at the WaterShed in Squamish

It was a cold and windy day to watch for eagles along the river dyke in Brankendale and eventually, possibly even more quickly than eventually, our thoughts turned to lunch, warm surroundings, and ...

We discovered  The WaterShed Bar & Grill along the dyke and it provided excellent views of the Squamish River, the potential of eagle sightings and some interesting food selections, including some wonderful burgers made from Pemberton beef.

But first. I enjoy a nice Caesar and noticed one on the menu called a Broken Shed Caesar. Our friendly wait person informed me that the vodka was from Broken Shed Vodka in New Zealand of all places and its vodka is made from whey. "Make that a double" I replied. "It is a double sir and it comes with the works." Hmm... what does that mean I wondered. "Even better," I said confidently. How bad could this whey vodka thing with the works be; it's still a Canadian Caesar after all.

Sherry's hot chocolate appeared moments later with a smiling comment to me , "Your Caesar takes a bit longer."

The wait, and it wasn't long, was worth it.

Full of flavour and spice, an interesting and smooth vodka and almost a meal in itself, including the mini cheese burger. Two or three of these things and I won't need to order lunch. A taxi maybe.

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Photos by Jeem. Copyright 2014 by Jim Murray.


  1. I gotta get me one of those! (vegie version)...Karen

    1. It is a wonder to behold... and I'm guessing they might be able to do a veggie version.


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