November 17, 2014

Art by Vik Muniz: Vancouver Bienalle in Squamish

Approaching this art installation, part of the Vancouver Biennale, one first views a pile of rock, wood and dirt, surrounded by a fence. What is this thing?

The installation is by Vik Muniz and covers an area just off the main street of Squamish of about 20 by 30 metres.

The artist met with members of the Squamish Nation to discuss how to capture the spirit of the community through art. Hundreds of local residents worked with the artist to create a symbol of collaboration and strength in unity.

Only after climbing to a point above the work, can one see the true form of what appears from the ground as rubble. Built during the summer, the installation has suffered erosion by the heavy rains of fall, particularly most recently. Still the powerful image of a wolf is visible to all those able to climb the steps, which is not everyone.

Photos by Jim Murray. Copyright 2014.

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