May 29, 2014

Lakeside Gardens on Salt Spring ~ and No. 7

We are back to a home away from home: Salt Spring Island and Lakeside Gardens Resort. This is nothing like the Upper East Side.

We arrived on Victoria Day and Mark, genial captain at Lakeside Gardens, had the No. 7 cabana ready for Sherry y Jeem. It's really a glorified version of camping, though no one I talk to seems to believe me; somehow they all seem to think this is something more... elaborate or exclusive perhaps.

The reality is much closer to camping and as someone who knows mentioned to us, this is camping with wooden tents. And it is wonderful.

Our cabana of choice is No. 7. It is slightly more secluded than most others at Lakeside Gardens. Surrounded by trees and right on the water's edge, this is a special place, and a great way to start a beautiful morning is a walk up to the big house for a hot shower.

Our view changes with the light and the sounds vary through the day and night too. The early birds sing before sunrise, then eagles are heard as they begin their morning hunt, followed by the talkative crows and then, ultimately more songbirds. By sunset the frogs have started their conversation and all is right with the world.

In spite of the sign, bikes are welcomed here at Lakeside Gardens, or their riders are welcomed to be sure. Many cyclists travel from the Lower Mainland or Vancouver Island to enjoy the relatively easy riding roads of this Gulf Island.

As is our custom, we relaxed through our time here, often reading, while others seemingly walked on water.

Some took to the water in canoes. Fishing for bass for the most part, with the eagles looking for an easy theft at someone else's expense. It happens.

The elusive black birds are here and their plaintive call is heard throughout the entire day.

Lakeside Gardens is a great place for families, couples or fishers (which could be a variation on families or couples, or even singles); you won't be able to come here just once. Salt Spring Island, Saint Mary Lake and Lakeside Gardens and No. 7: a special place for Sherry y Jeem.

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Photos by Jim Murray. Copyright 2014.