May 07, 2014

Signs of the times in NYC

Well of course, they never saw it coming, but what does this have to do as an ad for storage rental? And is it coming again? Will having a storage locker really help?

Thomas Jefferson said this in 1787. Actually he quoted it in Latin as part of one of those long-winded speeches of his about that democracy thing he was always going on and on about. This sign appears in Brooklyn.

Two from the Upper East Side. What happens if you don't smoke on 2nd Ave? And whatever you do, don't sit down on your way.

Maybe sitting, or otherwise lounging around, might be okay here. Apparently not standing.

We could always go for stand-up. New York City is full of these comedy clubs. This one sounds good. I think it might have a Russian theme. Odd entrance for a night club though. Even Russian.

Photos by Jim Murray. Copyright 2014.