August 09, 2017

Vancouver's Pride Parade

The whole gang went. Well almost the whole gang: BT Mendelbaum marched of course. G. G. Blynn wheeled along, and Jim and Jeem went too.

A selfie with Morgan Oger.

The idea was to join our political leader, and the new premier, John Horgan, in the march. And we did, one way or the other.

Getting there was difficult. The West End was crowded with tens of thousands on the sidewalks and in the streets, making it especially difficult for G. G. Blynn to navigate. "Would ya keep up already!" exclaimed BT Mendlebaum, always helpful.

We finally got to our designated group only after Jeem was questioned by police for jumping over a barricade. And then we waited.... and waited. Our "float" was to join the parade at 12:30, and most of us arrived before noon. We waited, or most party members waited, until 1:20 before they actually took a small step.

Our gang, restless and fading in the heat, wandered off, to rejoin fellow New Democrats later, around the corner and down the street.

Jim's union.
What can we say about the parade? "No bagpipes. That's a problem," according to Mendlebaum. "Marching bands and marching soldiers would be nice" suggested Blynn. "It's not that kind of parade," said Jeem, as he looked up to see some people on a roof top. "Now that's where we should be!" and G. G. Blynn wheeled off to find an elevator.

Ever cool and smiling.

Thousands of people marched,  and several hundred thousands more watched, and our new premier received a fantastic response along the entire route.

Hedy Fry, a federal Liberal Party MP, was less well received though highly flamboyant. As usual.

Hedy Fry, MP.

G. G. Blynn never did find an elevator to a rooftop. BT Mendlebaum, our favourite lawyer (disbarred), handed out business cards. While taking photos Jeem backed harmlessly into a cyclist. That didn't go well, and there was more explaining to do with a nice constable from the VPD. Mendlebaum decided to represent her client and we all ended the day down at the station. For about four hours. "It's like going to Emergency," said Blynn.

And almost hidden, and certainly nearly forgotten, the homeless were present too. A reminder of the kind of the world class city we've become.

Photos by Jeem. Copyright 2017 by Jim Murray.

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