August 21, 2017

Total Eclipse of the Brain

Sherry had been given an idea from Susan to view the eclipse using binoculars. Something about the big end and little end and focusing and....

It sounded easier than it turned out to be.

Apparently it's not all that easy aligning the sun with the big end of the binoculars.

Oh wait a minute, something is appearing now... or not.

"Ya dragged me out here for this?" asked our lawyer friend, BT Mendlebaum (disbarred) to no one in particular.

Meanwhile, our dedicated photo-journalist was staring at the sun using spectacles provided by BT Mendlebaum. Something about back-engineering. "It's a prototype," offered Mendlebaum. "I don't necessarily vouch for their authenticity. Still. What's the worst that can happen?"

"This can't be a good idea" said G.G. Blynn.

And still, in the interests of science, Jeem continued to view the eclipse, giving full commentary to a bunch of golfers who had stopped on their way to their next tee.

The landscape continued to darken as we approached eighty-three percent.

Shadows were softer. Birds sought shelter in the trees. And golfers were confused and started heading towards the club house.

At the full impact of the eighty-three percent eclipse, Jeem was done too.

He plans to volunteer at the CNIB just as soon as he gets his special cane. "It'll be a prototype," says Mendlebaum.

Photos by Jeem and Sherry MacDonald.
 Copyright 2017 by Jim Murray.

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