December 12, 2016

Snow in our neighbourhood ~ turning to slush

It happens almost every winter on the southwest coast of Canada and while the rest of the country takes it for granted, here in Metro Vancouver, snow is a big deal. Even if is only ten centimetres at most.

Many of us, especially those working in the public sector, devoted employees all, hope for a snow day, and a paid day off. Sadly, it seldom happens.

Instead we get a day, perhaps two, of winter weather. Sidewalks are sometimes cleaned, as per municipal bylaws throughout the region, but usually not.

Kids build semi-snow structures and snow people, and the city slows down ever so slightly.

In a day or two or three, the rains will return, and winter will be washed away completely. Until next time. And some of us, like our lawyer-friend, BT Mendelbaum (disbarred), will spend the entire winter watching, waiting and praying for the next potential snow day.

Photos by Jeem. Copyright 2016 by Jim Murray.

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