March 24, 2016

You Are Her ~ now at VanDusen Garden

Between the rainstorms, the sun comes out, somewhat briefly these days on the wet coast, and it's then that VanDusen Garden is a wonderful place to view the first signs of spring.

New signage at VanDusen features the now famous "You Are Her" branding made popular in Europe and Asia. At select and discreet locations within the gardens you'll find the impressive logo first seen in the world-class gardens of Paris and Shanghai.

For brief moments, time dependent on your reasonable donation to the Vancouver Park Board, or a contribution to the mayor's re-election campaign, you too can be her. On our day at VanDusen, you could be this famous celebrity.

Companion merchandise will soon be available for sale in the gift shop.

Photos by Jeem. Copyright 2016 by Jim Murray.

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