March 06, 2016

Xoco ~ artisan chocolates in Squamish

Jeem y Sherry were back in Squamish for a brief interlude over the weekend, and the weather was incredible. Sixteen degrees and sunny for much of the day,  and the patio at Howe Sound Brewery was nice indeed.

We walked around town and found, not necessarily for the first time, an amazing little chocolate shop on the main drag called Xoco. Open only a few weeks short of one year, this little mother and son operation features fresh chocolates, and assorted pastries based on chocolate, that are all quite stunning.

Locally owned and operated, with local ingredients where possible, and all handcrafted on-site, Xoco is well worth the visit when in Squamish.

Xoco is another example of why people are talking about Squamish in a new light. No longer a town content to be just a stop along the way to Whistler, or yet another bedroom community for Vancouver, something is happening here, and it's fun to watch its r/evolution. Time will tell if citizens can prevail over developers, but they'll have some great chocolate along the way.

Photos by Jeem. Copyright 2016 by Jim Murray.

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