April 09, 2014

Wick's Cafe ~ Vancouver Coffee Shops part 9

It's not a place anyone happens to walk by, unless of course you live nearby, and many obviously do. This is Marpole and Airport Square is our nearest landmark.

Wick's Cafe is a neighbourhood gem. It has great coffee (from JJBean it appears) and the people are friendly. The customers appear to be local types, along with those coming to Airport Square.

My espresso was good and Sherry's macchiato was done in a traditional manner, which is a good thing and not always easy to find in this city. It was mid-afternoon when we visited and not overly busy, though it was obvious the afternoon trade was beginning to appear.

Music being played was nice too, sounding a bit like The Jam when we first arrived, followed by a cover of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and not the one or two you might think.

Pleasant. Comfortable. Good coffee. West 73rd and Hudson: not a casual walk-by while looking for a gift for Uncle Albert but a great place for coffee if you're in the area.

Photos by Jim Murray. Copyright 2014.