April 19, 2014

Delany's Coffee House ~ Vancouver Coffee Shops continued

The North Shore has monstrous malls and shopping centres. It also has its own sea wall, great parks and some village-like neighbourhoods.

In Dundarave in West Vancouver is one of the four North Shore locations of Delany's Coffee House (there's another location downtown). 

Family owned, Delany's offers a nice atmosphere and a neighbourhood feel. Our visit to Dundarave, over this Easter weekend meant a bit of a seasonal theme in the store: pink rabbits, easter balloons and other paraphernalia. Stuffed animals and coffee shops are not compatible. However, the coffee here makes it worthwhile.

Of more interest within the store is the excellent display of old posters. 

There's a Starbucks next door to Delany's, and that would be a mistake. Instead a traditional macchiato and then a brisk walk along the sea wall, then back to Delany's for an encore. Just ignore the stuffed animals.

Photos by Jim Murray.
Copyright 2014.