October 01, 2013

Why bees are disappearing ~ a TED Talk by Marla Spivak

Bees have been around for about 50 million years. They have adapted and thrived. Until recently.

Bees have been disappearing at an alarming rate for about eight years, spelling potential disaster for all kinds of things, including our food supply.

More than one-third of the planet's crops, such as alfalfa, sunflower and many fruits and vegetables depend on bees for pollination.

In a fascinating TED Talk, Marla Spivak, researcher from the Bee Lab at the University of Minnesota, talks about four reasons which interact to cause tragic consequences. It's a simple, understandable and wonderful talk about something important: our future on this planet.

Check it out here: TED Talk by Marla Spivak.

Photos by Jim Murray. Copyright 2013.

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