September 21, 2013

Fog and sun on Salt Spring Island

A weekend getaway on Salt Spring Island during the last few days of summer is a treat. Soon the rains will hit the south coast and days like these will be forgotten.

The colours are brighter, more vivid, yet subtle at the same time.

The mornings in late September are cool on Salt Spring, and on this particular weekend morning the fog is oppressive. The air is moist and almost heavy.

It is quiet early in the morning. People are only just beginning to rise, start their camp stoves to fry up bacon and eggs. Or tofu and miso soup. Or something slightly more Kosher perhaps.

The beach at Lakeside Gardens on St Mary Lake is empty, of people, and the fog is low.

As the sun comes out in the early afternoon, temperatures rise and the dustiness of autumn is in the air.

Spider webs are everywhere and they glisten in the sunlight. Dragon flies dart back and forth near the lake, rarely stopping, except briefly. Sometimes.

Photos by Jim Murray. Copyright 2013.

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