August 12, 2013

Tonquin Beach ~ Tofino

Tonquin Beach is a secluded little beach within easy walking distance of the Tofino's town centre. Many visitors miss this beautiful spot in favour of the more famous windswept beaches further south of town. This beach, and the walking trail leading to it, is a wonderful escape.

Tonquin Beach is named after the 19th century American trading vessel Tonquin. In 1811 the vessel sank nearby after what has been termed a "trading altercation" with the local indigenous people. It was serious enough that a number of the First Nations people boarded the vessel and killed most of the 35 member crew. The following day they returned to the vessel and apparently a surviving crew member ignited the powder kegs on board, killing himself and all the local people who had come aboard. The ship sank without a trace and the wreck has never been recovered.

Today, Tonquin Beach is a relaxing place close to town. Without the waves of Long Beach there aren't really any surfers here. Instead it's a place for relaxing; a beach for dogs, kids and fishers. A place for romantic sunsets too, if only the fog would lift.

All photos copyrighted 2013 by 
Jim Murray.

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